Graham Moore




Los Angeles

“I really loved my Brooks Brothers tuxedo. It just seemed to fit me perfectly.”

“I remember seeing that tuxedo for the first time. It looked right and I tried it on, and it felt right.” Award-winning screenwriter Graham Moore was attending the biggest film celebration of year—what he deemed “a timeless event. I wanted to wear a tuxedo that felt timeless, and that Brooks Brothers tuxedo was just perfect that way.” It usually takes Graham two or three attempts before to tie his own bow tie—but not this night. “I really loved my Brooks Brothers tux.”

Woolgathering: The Golden Fleece Becomes a TrademarkIn 1850, the company adopts its now-iconic logo, which has served as a symbol of fine wool and integrity since French duke Phillip the Good chose it to represent his knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece. The emblem was subsequently used by wool merchants throughout Europe; H.S. Brooks wanted an association with English tailoring.