Joe Shaw


Executive Editor, Southampton Press and East Hampton Press


Hampton Bays, NY

“’The President requests the pleasure of your company…’ The email from the White House social staff arrived on April 1, which gave me pause. But it was true: I had been invited to an actual White House reception, which both the President and Vice President would attend. And, having recently lost a pretty significant amount of weight, I had nothing to wear. Nothing.

I spoke to a friend who is a fashion designer, asking for advice. Two words: ‘Brooks Brothers’” I followed his direction: the classic blue blazer, gray slacks, Brooks Brothers bowtie. I felt like a million bucks, fit right in at the white house … and even shook the president’s hand. A memorable day…and a nice new suit. This was my first Brooks Brothers purchase, and I’m frankly blown away by the look and quality. Many more purchases to come.”