Kristin Clark


Founder, Living in Color Print


Miami, Florida

“As we enter into the planning stages, Brooks Brothers was the first brand that came to mind for outfitting the gentlemen in our wedding party.”

Kristin Clark is a bit of a fashion sage. The vivacious and vibrant creator of the blog, Living in Color Print, she cherishes equally a bold pattern and a heavy dollop of color—and her attitude about dressing up and down is similarly sanguine. “Focus on how you feel in the clothes you’re wearing: what message do they send and what type of attention are you attracting.” A self-described “master” in her off-blogging hours, she has more than enough energy to spare, whether she’s prepping for speaking engagements; hitting the pavement for the work she loves; or her impending Charleston, South Carolina, nuptials to her husband-to-be, whose style she’s influenced over their near decade together. “Five years from now, I see myself falling into more of a family-based routine with a new home and hopes of starting a family, but I will keep on blogging. I’m living out a dream: doing something I enjoy and loving every minute of it!”

“My fiancé and I have been together for almost nine years. And in that time, we’ve taken countless shopping trips together. As a fashion and style blogger, I’m continually evolving my own look as I experience new things—I love incorporating classic silhouettes in my wardrobe in fresh, modern ways. My fiancé? Not so much. He may not have been wearing Brooks Brothers in high school (the start of our relationship), but I am proud to say that I’ve been able to influence his fashion choices over the years. In college, he began wearing the Brooks Brothers undershirts. In those early dating days, in an attempt to impress me, he asked me to go shopping with him to help pick out different color or texture combinations. And I saw my opportunity.

At the time, he wasn’t a huge fan of malls (he still isn’t), but we embarked on our inaugural shopping excursion together and our first stop was, of course, Brooks Brothers. Up until that point, my experiences with Brooks Brothers had solely been shopping there for my father’s Christmas stocking (belts, ties, cologne, you name it), which to this day remains a cherished tradition with mother and one that I’m continuing for my husband-to-be. After we perused the racks and shelves, I realized that, to his credit, he was already pretty good at seeking out what best suited him on his own. So, with a little gentle guidance, his love affair with the brand soon blossomed and turned into a devotion to all things Brooks Brothers: underwear, socks, dress shirts, ties, jackets, the whole nine yards.

Nowadays, I do most of the shopping for him, going through the whole ‘buying several options and returning what he doesn’t like’ routine, but with Brooks Brothers, I’m always spot-on with my selections. It’s a brand that embodies the very essence of what he’s come to think of as his personal style: effortlessly tailored and effortlessly classic. Whether it’s for work or leisure, he’s found the fashion that holds up well over the course of his 10- to 12-hour days. And as we move into the next phase of our lives together, and enter into the planning stages of our wedding, Brooks Brothers was the first brand that came to mind for outfitting the gentlemen in our wedding party. It’s not only a personal favorite of the groom, but it also makes perfect fashion sense for our classically Southern wedding. We’re still working on a color scheme and such on the wedding front, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Brooks Brothers will continue to be a staple brand in our home, and in our closets, for the next wonderful phase of our lives together.”