Marcel Floruss


Founder, One Dapper Street


New York City

“When my parents came from Germany to visit me in New York, I took them to Brooks Brothers. When we walked into the beautifully decorated store, my step-dad was completely amazed.”

Variable. That’s how Marcel Floruss—the oh-so stylish proprietor of the menswear blog One Dapper Street—describes his personal aesthetic and his approach to life. “Just a German dude who loves fashion and all that goes with it,” Floruss has been sharing his ever-changing and unconventional P.O.V. on everything from denim and driving moccasins to suits, boots, and sweaters since he was an undergrad at Manhattan’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. It’s a sartorially motivated path that has served him well and taught him to be comfortable in his own skin. “As soon as you accept yourself for who you are and start liking yourself, life becomes a lot less troublesome.”

“My life is anything but constant. Every day is different; I don’t know how long I’m going to be where I am, or where I’m heading next. The only thing I know for sure is that I’ll be taking photos—of what I’m wearing, where I’m going, what I’m eating, you name it. The most challenging part is managing a life without a superimposed structure. While the freedom is absolutely valuable, it’s hard to get into a steady flow of work.

Don’t get me wrong: I love all of it. I love change and I like taking risks. I think that’s how you move forward in life. If you fail, at least you (hopefully) learned some sort of lesson in the process. The biggest risk I took was leaving my family behind, in Germany, and going to another continent by myself. I found F.I.T., applied, was accepted, and moved to New York. I started my blog, One Dapper Street, and was lucky enough to hit the menswear niche in the blogging industry at just the right time. I chose the words ‘dapper’ and ‘street’ as the name of my blog for a reason: I don’t necessarily feel like I have a quintessential look. A dandy-esque suit is as ‘me’ as a rugged leather jacket with ripped jeans or a casual blazer with an oversize T-shirt. I am interested in a diverse range of topics, and I think that is reflected in my style, my career, and my life. I draw inspiration from everywhere—other blogs and Instagram feeds, magazines, runway shows, celebrities, mannequins, random people walking down the street. Sometimes, I even take the colors in a piece of artwork as inspiration for a particular outfit’s palette. Most often, however, I’m inspired by individual pieces, like the classic Brooks Brothers V-neck sweater. It’s such a versatile staple: on its own, it’s a super légère top layer; it adds a dash of sophistication over a crisp button-down; and it can complete a suit-and-tie look as an added mid-layer.

Because I was raised in Germany, I found out about Brooks Brothers and its impressive heritage fairly late in the game. I only learned about it when I was studying fashion at F.I.T. There, Brooks Brothers was mentioned in nearly every one of my classes, whether they were geared towards the history of fashion or the modern retail environment. The Flatiron store was just a few minutes away, and I soon discovered the Brooks Brothers Red Fleece cologne, which first got me hooked on the brand. The scent is just perfect; it was one of my first masculine colognes and, to this day, it’s the first part of an outfit I put on in the morning because it sets a good, energetic tone for the rest of the day. I also was introduced to the beautifully cut, iconic Brooks Brothers button-down. I had learned in class that the brand was the first to adapt the button-down collar for the fashion industry, and I soon came to rely on it in my style arsenal. Nothing looks better under my go-to, double-breasted navy suits.

So, naturally, when my parents came from Germany to visit me in New York, I took them to Brooks Brothers. I’ve always looked up to my step-dad, Sandro Camilli, a self-made man of German-Italian decent. He was perpetually well dressed, with an exquisite and expensive taste in fashion, so it was a challenge to show him well-tailored clothes he hadn’t seen before. When we walked into the beautifully decorated store, he was completely amazed. That day, I shared with him what I knew about the history of Brooks Brothers, and together with the outstanding service in the store and the vibrant and elegant array of clothes accessories, the experience was phenomenal, for both him and me. It was yet another part of the remarkable journey I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy, and reinforced a maxim I’ve always tried to live by: ‘Live to learn and learn to live.’”