Marianna Hewitt

“My dad loved putting together outfits that were classic and made him feel confident, and his closet was always lined with Brooks Brothers suits, jackets, and shirts that he wore all of the time”

Whether she’s strolling along the Seine, in Paris, in luxurious shades of tan and cream; rocking dark-green leather while knee-deep in the bustle of New York Fashion Week; or lounging poolside in a dazzling-white two-piece in L.A., Marianna Hewitt is having the time of her life—and looking fabulous while she’s at it. The one-time TV host turned lifestyle blogger, Hewitt gives her loyal fans an all-access pass into her well-heeled life, from her flawlessly assembled ensembles to her insider-worthy beauty advice to her globetrotting style adventures. “I’m sharing the things I like, taking pictures of my outfits, and travelling the world. I’m living the life I’ve always wanted.”

On living at the center of attention:
“When I was a kid, I wanted to share everything I was doing. I used to walk around my house with a video camera and I would constantly interview my parents. I [eventually] went to school for broadcast journalism, but at that time, being a blogger or YouTuber wasn’t really a profession. So when I started working as a TV host, I was presenting so much material that when [the idea of] blogging came about, I knew it was the perfect avenue for me. It was what I had always wanted to be when I grew up—I just didn’t know it.

On traveling the world:
“Being in one place for more than a week or two is hard for me. In the coming weeks, I’m going to Doha, Qatar, then to Paris for Fashion Week, and after that, I’m staying home and enjoying southern California [for awhile]. I love going to new places. And every new destination I visit inspires my style a little bit. If I’m in Paris, I’ll have more ease to my outfits. If I’m in L.A., it’s laid-back and comfortable. And when I’m in New York, I love my leather jackets.”

On wardrobe must-haves:
“I can’t live without turtlenecks. They create a classic, fitted look that goes beautifully with pants or skirts, during the day or out to dinner at night. And I love leather. Leather jacket or pants really dress up an outfit. My uniform for going out always [involves] a blouse and leather pants. I have a black-silk blouse from Brooks Brothers that I really like because it dresses up everything from denim to leather to a black skirt. And Brooks Brothers coats are incredible. For me, Brooks Brothers is essential for fall and winter: the overcoats, trenches, and jackets are investment pieces that you’ll find yourself wearing over and over again, through every season.”

On always having Paris:
“My parents are both really into style and they loved buying [me] outfits when I was a kid. I grew up between Europe and the States, and one of my favorite memories [are our trips] to Paris. My parents would dress me up—I remember one outfit was this classic white dress with little red-bow details—and take pictures of me. When I go back to the city now, I love dressing up and recreating those old photos.”

On personal style:
“My style is very neutral; classic and timeless with a bit of contemporary. I do like to incorporate some trends, but I typically stick to my ‘uniform.’ I always want to be able to look back at a picture—whether it’s last year, five years, or 10 years from now—and love what I was wearing. And when you dress for your body type and stick to your own style and not so much to trends, you’ll always like your outfits.”

On family traditions:
“In my family, shopping was always something we spent a lot of time doing. Some of my earliest and fondest memories with my parents are going shopping, and my dad loved Brooks Brothers. He used to take me along to the store with him, and while he was trying on shirts and jackets, I was playing on these leather stools that I thought were toys. My dad was always the kind of man who took pride in dressing up. He loved putting together outfits that were classic and made him feel confident, and his closet was always lined with Brooks Brothers suits, jackets, and shirts that he wore all of the time.

When we would travel to cooler climates, he had amazing Brooks Brothers coats he wore season after season. Brooks Brothers was one of those places he always knew he could come back to and [the clothes] would fit his style for years [to come]. Today, I dress the same way: finding pieces that make me feel good about myself, whatever my outfit is. And as I grew up and bought clothes for my own wardrobe, those memories with my dad resonated with me. Whenever I go to Brooks Brothers, I immediately think about my family and how I now wear it in my own life. For me, it’s an emotional connection.”

On dressing with confidence:
“The best advice I’ve ever been given is to dress for your body type. Stick with key pieces. A famous singer’s stylist told me that because I had asked him the same question, and his answer stuck with me because I think if you dress in what looks good on you, you’ll always feel confident. As far as my outfits go, I always want to show my readers and viewers clothes that they can actually buy and that I believe in because you’re investing your money in pieces that you can really get the most out of for your wardrobe. When something is really good quality, I feel confident that you’re going to feel [your best].”

Clothing With Character: Brooks in Books
Brooks Brothers clothing is woven throughout the American literary landscape. The company’s clothes were featured in novels such as F. Scott FitzGerald’s debut, This Side of Paradise; Joseph Heller’s Catch-22; and, surprisingly, William Burroughs’ Junkie. Mary McCarthy’s popular story title said it all: “The Man in the Brooks Brothers Shirt.”