Michael M. Nielsen


Government Fixed Asset Services


Washington, DC

“I have pictures of myself at five years of age in a bow tie. I started wearing Brooks Brothers bow ties about 10 years ago and would wear no other—they are perfect in size (not too big or wide at ends), very well made and come in great colors and styles.

I remember the first time I started wearing bow ties I was at a wedding reception and a woman we know who is a ‘bulldog’ public defender attorney came up to me and said, ‘you look absolutely darling.’ They are a great look. Brooks Brothers does a nice job, and their clothing is a great conversation prompt!

I have enjoyed Brooks Brothers (and by that I mean the clothing, and the stores, and the staff, etc.) for 35 years. The styles, fabrics, colors, adherence to tradition and the classics are absolutely perfect. The only problem for me when I visit a store or the website is that I want to buy everything.”