Oliver Haynes


Real Estate Acquisitions


Montgomery, AL

 “It was just before Christmas, during my freshman year of high school. I distinctly remember a scene at my uncle’s house when I first heard the words “Brooks Brothers” uttered. The name struck me because my uncle was making plans to drive three hours from Montgomery to Atlanta, and back, to get fitted for suit and pick up some new dress shirts. At the time, Atlanta was the closest city to us that had a Brooks Brothers; but moreover, it seemed to me that there were plenty of places to pick up a suit and a couple of shirts without sacrificing a whole day and a drive across state lines. I let it go though, and didn’t think about it again until four years later, during my freshman year of college when this fragment of a conversation resurfaced for me.

I was in Atlanta for a long weekend with some friends, and found myself squared off with a mannequin through a storefront window. The headless figure was wearing the most startlingly handsome blazer I’d ever seen. I changed focus for a moment to the script on the window, it read, ‘Brooks Brothers.’ I remember thinking that there was no way I could leave the city without that blazer.

I had spent that whole summer working in a furniture store warehouse. Thanks to the miracle of mobile banking, I was able to transfer all the money I’d saved, deposit it into my checking account, and buy my first article of Brooks Brothers clothing. This began a sort of obsession with curating my wardrobe so that nothing was hanging in my closet that wasn’t adorned with the Golden Fleece. Slipping that dark, richly patterned, wool and cashmere houndstooth jacket over my sleeves, I came to understand why my uncle would cross state lines for Brooks Brothers.”