Victor Kaminoff


Real Estate Consultant


Los Angeles, CA

“My first experience at brooks brothers was when my dad took me there to “suit me up” before I went to college in Boston. We came from a middle class background, and normally a store like Brooks Brothers wouldn’t be on our family’s shopping list. I was from Great Neck, NY, a community on Long island, and in high school I wasn’t a ‘preppy’—more a guy who wasn’t sure what he was. College would be different. I pleaded with my dad to take me to 444 Madison Avenue and he finally agreed. Here’s what I bought (which my younger brother still refers to as my ‘wardrobe transformation’:

-Loden green corduroy jacket with leather buttons

-Cloth flat cap

-Lots of blue, white, and stone-colored oxford button down shirts, with my VMK monogram proudly displayed over my heart

-Cordovan tassel loafers

-Red and blue striped repp ties

The results were beyond good. Starting my new life in college, I was greeted as the ‘cool guy’ (me?). I joined a fraternity, dated the prettiest girl on campus, and had the time of my life. That visit to Brooks Brothers gave me the confidence that I really needed at that formative age, and that’s something I’ll never forget. Brooks Brothers is still on my list.”